Veselin Vujović

The one who survives
becomes a #legend

Veselin Vujović became a legend already as a player, having won gold medals at the 1984 Olympics and at the 1986 World Cup and was named the best handball player in the world by the 1988 IHF.

He impressed the Slovenian public as a selector of our national ...

He impressed the Slovenian public as a selector of our national handball team, with which he achieved a remarkable success - bronze medal at the 2017 World Cup. Handball lovers are still talking about his legendary time-out, after which Slovenian handball players played as reborn.

In the last minutes of the crazy match, they made up for 8 goals, beating the Croats and looking forward to the bronze. After this unforgettable match, when the Slovenes beat their eternal rivals, the Croats, "Vujo" became a legend also as a coach.

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Just before our team left for the European Championships in Zagreb ...

Just before our team left for the European Championships in Zagreb, we recorded a video with Vujo, explaining some of his life perspectives:

“When you succeed, the next day the success is already forgotten, you start at zero again. Handball is like chess, like life. It is necessary to plan one step in advance. In between the games I rest, I close my eyes, and when an idea comes to mind, I write it down and fall asleep peacefully. For me no one is untouchable, I only accept the fighters, the ones who long for something and do their best. I do not accept excuses; I do not admit mistakes. It is necessary to achieve the utmost, both physically and psychologically. The one who survives becomes a legend."

January 2018

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About the project

#NALEGENDE short film series is based on personal testimonials of legends and their inspiring life stories, which are otherwise also represented by the legendary Zlatorog brand. Laško is a legendary beer and also a loyal partner of the Slovenian sport. Every short film represents a tribute to extraordinary personalities who achieved grate things and thus became legends.


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