Ing. Janez Gorišek

A #legend that has been pushing
boundaries in ski flying for over seven decades

Born in 1933, engineer Janez Gorišek was a successful ski jumper, national team member, a 1956 Olympian in Cortina d Ampezzo, a world student champion and St. Moritz skip flying hill record holder. He was also one of the first ski jumpers who held his arms by his body. The Austrians wrote that he is an athlete jumping in “Tripgenstil” style, i.e. in the form of a drop.

Janez Gorišek video

Gorišek is one of the greatest visionaries ...

Gorišek is one of the greatest visionaries of this sport, and without him ski jumping and flying would not be what it is today. For over seven decades, Janez Gorišek has been pushing the limits and transforming the face of ski jumping sport. He developed his own theory of ski flying and as a constructor sketched plans for the three largest ski flying hills in the world – Vikersund, Kulm and, of course, Planica. He constructed Planica together with his brother in 1969, which still has the reputation of being the largest in the world.

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Right before last year's Ski Jumping World Cup ...

Right before last year's Ski Jumping World Cup Finals in Planica, we recorded a video with Gorišek, where he shares his thoughts and life philosophy:

“I always dreamt of ideas that seemed impossible to others. My wish was that Slovenians would be the first in something. Once 100 meters were magical, however, I soon wanted to reach 200 meters, but gradually, step by step. I developed my theory on ski flying and together with Lado we constructed the largest ski flying hill in the world. Intuition, however, continues to guide me to develop a ski flying hill that will enable safe ski flying up to 300 meters. We constantly have to create. Creating gives you power to push boundaries. And when you push boundaries you can become a legend.”

Janez Gorišek thus fulfilled his vision and desire that Slovenians are first at something. And his vision to develop a ski flying hill that will enable safe ski flying up to 300 meters is likely to become a reality.

March 2019

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About the project

#NALEGENDE short film series is based on personal testimonials of legends and their inspiring life stories, which are otherwise also represented by the legendary Zlatorog brand. Laško is a legendary beer and also a loyal partner of the Slovenian sport. Every short film represents a tribute to extraordinary personalities who achieved grate things and thus became legends.


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